The best day to appreciate the most important women in our lives - Our mothers.

Mother’s day is an amazing day to demonstrate how much we love them. We can say many things without using words and we'll show you how to celebrate your beautiful mother from the comfort of your home.


This is kind of cliche, we know. But, how amazing it is to start her day with breakfast done and ready for her to enjoy it. Get a tasty recipe of pancakes, eggs benedict or her favorite dish to brunch and celebrate with the family.

Make a good jar of mimosas, coffee or tea and toast for her. We know some of us are not the greatest cooks but, isn’t about the intention behind what matters? Your mom will love it, believe us! Also, you can demand besitos with our new "Besito pa'l Chef" apron ! 


Spa day

Taking care of her skin, her hair and health are a number one priority for your mom on this day. Thus, we would love you to make her a Spa day at home.

You won’t need a whole lot; it is all about the atmosphere. Decorate her bathroom with candles (with caution), soft essences and relaxing music.
In a basket next to the tub include products like bath bombs, bath salts and a sheet mask. You can add as many products as you consider important for this spa day. Last but not least, get her a glass of her favorite wine or bubbles. She will have the most amazing two hours of pleasure to herself, and you will be her favorite! ;) 

High Tea

This is a British tradition that has overcome borders and it is now extremely popular worldwide. It consists in plating a variety of biscuits or home made bread, cheeses, cold meats, sandwiches and desserts of all kinds, accompanied with the most delicious tea.

Take in consideration that the food you’re presenting is all bite-sized, so brush up on those baking skills! If you want to make mom feel extra special, don’t hesitate asking her to dress like she's going to meet the Royal Family (although she is already a Queen). Remember we have the perfect tea cup for the 'Jefa de la casa' - Our ‘Think like a Jefa’ mug


Your mom can be a true IG mom or she can be a very shy mom; either or, a home photoshoot will enhance her beauty and personality glow. Prepare a stage in a house corner to serve as the photoshoot background. Add fun props she can interact with to get spontaneous shots and complement her shine.

If you have "Photoshoping" skills, it will be a plus! Remember there are many free phone apps that you can use to edit pictures as you like. Your mom will not only feel pretty but also a true superstar.


To end her special day, there is nothing that can beat a FANTASTIC dinner. Make her feel she is in a five star restaurant with a complete 3-course meal.

Start her off with a great salad or soup. Make that salmon with sautéed vegetables she loves and finish with some apple pie and ice cream. Offer her a glass of wine, of course, to pair with the meal and make a toast in her name. 

Mother’s day is all about appreciating the woman that sheltered you in her tummy, brought you to this world, and raised you. Remember to make her feel special every-single day of your life. Thank her for everything, because she only means well to you. Love her beyond everything because there is no greater love than mothers’ love.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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